Hello world!

Wow, so another blog by a non writer type personage… yeah not very original, and is probably the same as the other thousands you skip through everyday to mine out a piece of information.Right?

I am not sure what i want for my own little blog here,i do however want to write down some things from my own, hobbies and activities, and maybe get the views of people who are into the same stuffs 😉

Question: Am i allowed to say “First Post!” on my own blog? Since i am one of the few people left who doesn`t actually do that.

As you would expect of a new blog,or what i expect,things will happen and the blog may change.I shall admit here and now that i love pressing buttons,or links or to change anything i can get my grubby hands on.I consider it one of my best quality`s. So i shall apologise before hand and then get dug into the shiny bits that can be pressed and abused.

All done for post,i see friends come on Xbox live so off to play Forza 3.


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